Micro Blood Science Inc. provides new innovative services which goes ahead of the times,
such as development of high-accuracy blood testing devices,
management method for blood specimens, and notification system of test results.

Micro Blood Collection Device
MBS Capillary

新型採血デバイス MBSキャピラリー

The high accuracy finger prick blood testing

The finger prick blood collecting device (patented) developed with our unique technology has achieved accuracy of medical testing level with small blood volume.


Next Generation PHR Service
‘Lifee’ Service

次世代型PHRLifeeサービス MBSキャピラリー

We provide the rapid and efficient micro blood testing services to support maintenance of health.

We will develop the next-generation PHR (Personal Health Record) system and accumulate the individual test results in database collectively. We utilize the data to provide total healthcare checkup and solution services.


Compact Laboratory
the MBS Laboratory


Specialized small-scale testing laboratory for micro amount blood testing

For the compact lab, we have efficiently arranged measuring instruments such as high-accuracy biochemical measuring devices and immunological measuring devices in a small space. We also support to run the compact labs for various operators.



The microliter-scale testing service provided by MBS is based on blood collection and specimen management conducted by specialized facilities and following test administrator instructions to ensure test accuracy.



We have realized the highly-accuracy micro blood test method that was published in “Clinical Pathology,” which is the journal of the Japanese Society of Clinical Laboratory Medicine. We continue development toward wider utilization of the micro-blood testing technology.


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