Outline of Compact Laboratory

The MBS Laboratory

MBS operates the MBS Laboratory specialized in high accuracy microliter-scale blood tests. The laboratory was established as a new model of the micro blood testing lab. It is not only conducts commercial sample testing but also functions as the hub of the Lifee Service. MBS Lab manages test standardization and test accuracy in local laboratories and monitors operational status at blood collection facilities. We can guarantee maintaining test level to operate and monitor the distributed laboratories and blood collection facilities.

About Compact Lab

  • This is a small clinical laboratory that specializes in high-precision micro blood tests.
  • The Compact Lab arranges measurement equipments such as a biochemical measurement equipment and immunoassay equipment in the smallest space that complies with the law, and operates with a dedicated test management system.
  • The testing system syncs with the Lifee cloud service system to carry out quick and safe data exchanges in real time.
  • In the dedicated compact lab, evaluations by external quality control agencies are carried out at regular intervals to achieve quality control. (According to Sysmex eQAPi, a real-time accuracy management tool of testing equipment carried out by Sysmex, and our MBS Research Laboratory ranked first among about 2,000 facilities checked on October 2016, in terms of accuracy)
  • The test items tested at this compact lab were standardized and made public through publishing of academic essays and implementation agreements, ensuring reliability. By supporting the construction of local compact labs, we aim to promote utilization of testing services using micro blood samples.
  • コンパクトラボ(30㎡)

    Compact laboratory(30㎡~)

  • 生化学測定装置

    Biochemical Analyzer

  • 免疫測定装置

    Immunoassay Analyzer

  • 自動分注装置

    Automatic dispenser

Consultation for Compact Lab

MBS builds dedicated compact labs and supports general business operators who do not have specialized knowledge to participate in laboratory operations.

  • Point1

    The lab is a transplant of the MBS model lab as it is. All Compact Labs have the same equipments and operation system. The Compact Lab provides a micro blood test service linked to the Lifee system.

  • Point2

    This is an advanced laboratory business model achieved through an operation support program that links between the labs by data and system management within networks.

  • Point3

    In the compact lab business, you can minimize initial investment, focus on laboratory profit, and recover your investment in a short period of time.

Alliance Partners

Basic Policy

  • We promote compact lab expansion in each region in Japan.
  • In addition to strengthening regional coordination service functions with the PHR system, we can shorten specimen transportation time. Also, expansion of standard laboratories with shared cooperative functions can ensure standardization of tested amount and maintain testing accuracy.
  • Rapid expansion of micro-liter scale blood testing services becomes possible due to this revolutionary testing business model based on full consignment of dedicated compact lab construction that standardizes accuracy control protocol of micro-liter scale testing.
  • MBS promotes construction of dedicated compact laboratories and expansion of micro-liter scale blood testing service business both in Japan and abroad. However, as testing conditions depend on the environment of the relevant country, we consider each case individually and make an offer.
  • The measurement result data of all new compact laboratories is standardized and synchronized to serve as big data for the next generation PHR.

Consulting Service

  • MBS offers business consulting services for opening and operating laboratories.
  • We provide both technical know-how of compact laboratories and support for drafting business plans using our full simulation model of new device-based blood testing business.
  • In addition to designing, opening and operating the laboratory, we design blood collection facility expansion, support facility collaboration, testing service deployment model in the market, etc. to support the building of a testing business model that is relevant for your area.

Contract for the Compact Lab Construction

【Contract for the Compact Lab Consultation】

  • Although we provide an operation guidance program on the premise that the business is in charge of its own compact lab operation, we can also offer a full package service by which MBS is entrusted with lab operation after opening.

【Sales of new devices, etc】

  • We offer various new types of devices, donut-shaped tape for blood collection, dedicated reagents, and consumables necessary for conducting micro blood testing services.
  • We provide a mixed blood collection kit (approved medical device) for conducting testing services for general consumers.

【Use of the Lifee system】

  • In the compact lab, all the functions of the Lifee system can be used to provide services.
  • Lifee system usage fee changes slightly according to the number of tests, so it can be considered testing cost when managing revenue.
  • When setting up the Lifee system overseas, it needs to be customized to match the operating environment and market environment.

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