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Company Micro Blood Science Inc.
Address 【Headquarters】
Yamamoto II Building 2-14-8 Iwamoto-machi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0032
Tel +81 3-6240-9200
Established June 17, 2006
Capital 30,000,000 yen
Officers and Directors President: Kei Ohtake
Directors: Masayoshi Nakai, Tomoaki Nishimura
Corporate auditor: Tatsumi Yoshihama
Medical advisor: Naoki Aikawa




June 2009
Established company: Micro Blood Science Co., Ltd.
October 2009
Joint research agreement with Tokyo Medical and Dental University. Opened laboratory at University Research Building (M&D Tower)


Patent application No. 2011-100220. Rapid and highly sensitive molecule detection and determination method by charge measurement using power generating enzymes, and detection unit and apparatus for use in the process PCT / JP2011 / 063293 (International application)


Patent application No. 2012-12522. Simple highly sensitive radioactivity measuring apparatus for food and measuring method using the apparatus
Patent application No. 2012-12511. Method and apparatus for detecting food bacteria using electrical impedance
Patent application No. 2012-34300. Measuring cartridge for highly sensitive molecule detection apparatus by charge measurement using power generating enzymes, and method of detecting target molecules using the measuring cartridge.
Patent application No. 2011-100220 (patented) Patent No. 4963000.
May 2012
Business tie-up with Daiichikosho Co., Ltd. Desktop-type radioactivity total quantity measuring instrument-TECH launched Food live bacteria detector Fst- GADD launched.


June 2013
Company name changes to MBS


April 2015
Patent application No. 2015-054065
July 2015
Approval of Tokyo Metropolitan Management Innovation Plan
August 2015
Capital and business tie-up with MRT

March 2017

Patent: Blood sampling device including blood collector and linked container
Patent: Sample collection and separation device


January 2018
MBS Inc changed its name to Micro Blood Science Inc.

Medical Adviser Profile

Naoki Aikawa
Doctor / DMSc, Former General Director of Keio University Hospital

Graduated from Keio University School of Medicine (Top Student), passed the ECFMG medical examination in the United States, Harvard University researcher, engaged in clinical surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital. After returning to Japan, Professor of Keio University (Emergency Medicine), Director of Keio University Medical Library, Director of Keio University Hospital, Chairman of Keio University, Chairman of the Department of Medical Affairs of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Chairman of the Medical Examination Council, Chairman of the National Examination Committee for Doctors, and Chairman of the Clinical Training Department , Director of International Medical Information Center, Director of Astellas Pharma Inc., Medical Advisor of US Embassy/Canadian Embassy.
Presently, Councilor and Executive Board Member of St. Luke’s International University, Executive Board Member of NHK Symphony Orchestra, Councilor of Nippon Life Insurance Company, The Journal of Antibiotics, Japan Emergency Medical Service Foundation, and Japan Music Foundation, etc. Honorary Chairman of Japanese Society of Chemotherapy, Japanese Association for Acute Medicine, The Japan Shock Society, and Japan Society for Surgical Infection, etc, Special Member of Japan Surgical Society, Senior Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, Honorary Chairman of American Surgical Association, American Association for the Surgery of Trauma, and International Society for Burn Injuries, etc.
Award-winning of Harvard Prize, Whitaker Prize, and TVB-Burn Prize, etc.

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