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Privacy Policy

1. Purpose

Micro Blood Science Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "MBS") provides testing services and testing data management services and manufactures and sells medical equipment related to service provision. We believe that proper management of customer and employee personal information and identifiable personal information that we handle in our service operation is an important duty closely connected to securing trust in our company. Therefore, we set forth this privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as "Policy") and shall strive to properly protect personal information.

2. Compliance

To ensure the protection of personal information, we shall comply with the Personal Information Protection Law, ministry guidelines and all relevant laws and regulations.

3. Personal information and information collection method

The personal information collected by MBS shall be as follows depending on the collection method

  • (1)

    Information provided by Users Information provided by Users includes: full name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and other types of information entered by Users in the MBS specified form or information that Users disclose to MBS

  • (2)

    Information allowed through mutual understanding to be provided by other services that work in cooperation with this Service and is provided when using MBS Services If in using the Services offered by MBS, Users approve linking to external services such as social network services etc., based on the agreement made at the time of the approval, external service user ID and other information that may be disclosed according to the privacy setting of the external service

  • (3)

    Information collected by MBS when Users use our service MBS may collect terminal and log information, cookies and anonymous ID, and location information as information regarding access status and usage of our Service.

4. Purpose of use

The User information collected by MBS shall be used for the specific purposes below.

  • (1)

    Personal information regarding business partners Business talks, meetings, contact, signing and implementation of business agreements, and handling of inquiries Entry and exit to and from MBS and business partners Note: MBS may provide the information to affiliated companies and business partners to the extent necessary for achieving the above purposes of use.

  • (2)

    Personal information regarding job applicants Contact job applicants, applicant selection, and recruitment management at MBS Note: Information may be provided to third parties to the extent necessary for achieving the above purposes of use.

  • (3)

    Personal information related to services provided by MBS Information provision, sales of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and foods, marketing Research and analysis related to MBS health services business, distribution of e-mail advertisement or e-magazines, advertisement display Handling inquiries from Users regarding services, promotion, after-sales service etc. (including e-mail transmission)

5. Shared use

  • (1)

    MBS may jointly use the personal information above with the following entities. · Companies in charge of data management for MBS services · Outsourced companies.

  • (2)

    Types of shared personal information Although all of the types of personal information provided may be shared, only the types of personal information necessary for carrying out our business may be used.

  • (3)

    Purpose of shared use The purpose of use of personal information shall be as mentioned above and within the scope of the purpose of use specified in the consent form.

  • (4)

    Shared personal information manager The entity responsible for management is Micro Blood Science Inc.

  • (5)

    Acquisition method: Provided in writing, in accordance with the consent form.

6. Provision of information to third parties

MBS may, only when there is a provision in the Personal Information Protection Law and related laws and regulations, or upon consent of the User, provide personal information to business partners within the scope of the purpose of use. However, MBS shall compile and analyze the above personal information, and shall provide the information processed so as to prevent individual identification to a third party to the extent necessary for achieving the purpose of use, in written form or by electromagnetic means.

7. Outsourcing

To provide better Services, MBS may outsource the handling of personal information to external parties within the scope of the purpose of use. MBS shall select outsourcing entities that can handle personal information appropriately, and shall strive to ensure that the subcontractor carries out appropriate personal information management.

8. Disclosure of personal information

When requested by Users to disclose personal information based on the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Law, MBS shall confirm that it is a direct request from the User, and shall disclose the information without delay. However, this shall not be the case if MBS is not obliged to disclose the information under the Personal Information Protection Law or other laws and regulations

9. Correction of personal information and suspension of use

  • (1)

    When the user requires correction of personal information based on the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Law on the grounds that it is not true, or requests suspension of its use based on the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Law on the grounds that information was handled beyond the scope of the stated Usage purpose or because it was collected by false or illegal means, and after confirming User identity, MBS shall conduct the necessary investigations without delay. Based on the investigation results, MBS shall correct the personal information or shall stop using it, and shall notify the User to that effect. If MBS decides not to make corrections or suspend usage based on reasonable grounds, MBS shall notify the User to that effect.

  • (2)

    When the User requests MBS to erase user personal information, and if MBS deems it necessary to comply with the request, MBS shall confirm User identity, erase the personal information and notify the User to that effect.

  • (3)

    The provisions of the preceding two paragraphs shall not apply in cases where MBS has no obligation to correct, suspend use of information, etc. according to the Personal Information Protection Law or other laws and regulations.

10. Safety measures

  • (1)

    To ensure accuracy and safety of personal information, MBS shall take reasonable measures against the risk of unauthorized access, leakage, loss or damage of personal information, and shall continue to evaluate and improve such measures as necessary.

  • (2)

    When consigning personal information to a third party, MBS shall oversee proper safety management of personal information.

11. Discarding personal information

MBS shall discard personal information by the appropriate method in accordance with MBS regulations.

12. Inquiries regarding complaints about personal information, consultations, disclosure etc.

For inquiries about complaints, consultation, disclosure etc. of the client's personal information (disclosure, correction of contents, addition or deletion, suspension of use, erasing or suspension of provision to a third party) and inquiries regarding our Privacy policy in general, please contact MBS as shown below. Micro Blood Science Inc. <>

13. Procedures for changing the privacy policy

MBS shall review operation status on handling user information appropriately, and shall strive to continuously improve. This Policy may change as necessary. If changed, MBS shall notify Users by the method posted on its website. However, in the case of a change in content that requires legal consent from Users, MBS shall obtain User consent in the manner prescribed by MBS.

Enacted January 10, 2017
Revised January 15, 2018

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