The micro blood testing service provided by MBS is based on blood collection and specimen management conducted by specialized facilities and following test administrator instructions to ensure test accuracy. We provide highly accurate testing by conducting specimen management comparable to that of medical institutions at our blood collection facilities. This service includes collecting high-quality blood specimens, performing appropriate specimen management, and preventing specimen misidentification by barcode control.

Facility for Collecting Blood Samples

Specimen Measurement Room and Similar Service

Pattern 1

The facility allows to test and measure the self-collected samples on the spot, and the results are issued immediately. It is necessary to notify the public health center in order to operate.

Pattern 2

A facility allows to test and measure the self-collected samples which users transport to a clinical laboratory, and the results are sent at a later date. It does not require notification to the public health center.

Lifee testing services generally correspond to item 2 above, "Similar service.” It is possible to operate the services on condition of appropriate sanitation management even though it is unregistered facility.

Laboratory Supervision Facility

  • When conducting testing outside medical institutions, a laboratory registered at the Hygiene Inspection Center supervises the testing based on the ""Guidelines (December 26, 1987) on testing consignment of people not registered according to the Clinical laboratory technician Law"". The facility is entrusted with specimen management.

  • Unregistered specimen management facilities are required to undertake specimen management from registered hygiene inspection centers conducting the testing and to conduct proper management.

  • Specimen collection facilities under supervision carry out specimen management including facility maintenance, blood collection training, specimen confirmation, storage, transportation and so on.

Case of Installation

A facility that is entrusted with micro-liter scale blood collection, and specializes in blood collection training and specimen management.

採用採血施設 設置事例(銀座)

A case in Ginza, Tokyo

A case when a micro-liter scale blood collection corner is set up inside a dispensing pharmacy.


Partitioned location


Blood collection desk

  • Language support: Japanese, English, Chinese (with interpreters)

  • Sample management by data matrix

  • Mailing service to send the result report (including overseas)

Cooperative Facilities

  • This is the facility that provide health management services for users to cooperate with the facilities which collect specimens.
  • Special service agencies such as medical institutions, exercise instruction facilities, health service providers, etc. fall under this category.
  • By registering the facility in advance, we can share test information with the user and specimen collection facility, and can carry out health management support from each specialized position.

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