About New Blood Collection Device


What is the difference between a regular blood test and a blood test with blood collected from the fingertips?


You can use our blood collection device to collect blood by yourself even outside hospitals. Highly accurate testing is carried out with only a few drops of blood from the fingertip (blood volume of about 1/30 to 1/80 of regular venous blood sampling).

What kind of items can be tested?
We conduct lifestyle disease testing (up to 14 items), infectious diseases testing such as hepatitis, and cancer tumor marker testing.
Where can I go for testing?

Currently, services have started at blood testing salons, dispensing pharmacies, and fitness gyms. In the future, we plan to have blood testing services at various locations throughout Japan, including clinics and beauty salons. It is also possible to purchase testing kit from here.

How do I receive the result?

You can receive the printed results where you had blood test, or can receive the result at our smartphone app. If you use Smartphone app, you can view the result history and use for your personal health care.

Is there any difference between the accuracy of a regular blood test and a blood test from your fingertips?

In the paper, he announced that "it is one of the useful simple test methods with less accuracy problems than the conventional method using venous blood". For details , please check the page "Test accuracy".

Can I get a sample of a micro blood sampling device or micro blood test kit?

We do not provide any samples for general customers. We will ask the purpose of use for business inquiry before providing it.

About Lifee service

We are considering a business that incorporates a micro blood test service. Can I get a business contract?
Please contact us by e-mail. We will contact you to ask more details.

About Sales and Partnership

Please tell me how to purchase.

If you are considering purchasing our products, please contact us by e-mail. (Notification of controlled medical devices may be required for some products.)

Please visit our online page to purchase Lifee Blood Testing Service for the general customers.

In addition, there are dedicated Micro Blood Collection Facilities in various locations. Please contact us by e-mail for more information.

We are a business company which is considering to introduce the testing services for our customers. What types of licenses and approvals are required?

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