Next Generation PHR Service

Unified Management of Medical and Health Information

The Lifee Service developed by MBS is a next-generation health maintenance service system. The core of the PHR service is big data stored on the cloud, which makes possible a fully paperless process from testing request to result notification. This service can provide blood testing with speed and efficiency. Moreover, we support a new health maintenance system that allows users to save test results on mobile devices and share the data with collaborators.

About PHR System

"Features of the next-generation PHR
(Personal Health Record) system"

  • ① Multicenter/ multi-occupation collaboration
  • ② Mobile support
  • ③ Self-care at home

The Lifee service achieves these functions comprehensively based on blood test data as evidence.


Example of using blood test data at the sport gym: By incorporating blood test data as internal information into the implemented program, we can support an efficient training plan including home management. At the same time, we offer fine-care services including nutrition management and medical support.

Lifee Service Overview

"Lifee" is a paid service developed by MBS that provides total healthcare checkup & solutions.

  • Point1

    "Lifee" implements big database on the cloud based on a batch of test results of a great number of users. Our system acquired security certification by a third-party organization and manages personal information safely.

  • Point2

    "Lifee" provides a mechanism that allows the user to check physical condition easily, quickly and accurately by a micro blood test after self-blood collection. It is also a promising comprehensive PHR service that can lead to improvement of lifestyle habit and early treatment.

Cooperation with business collaborators through information system

  • ・Blood collection facilities & partner facilities can perform various tasks using the Lifee management terminal including requesting test, checking test status, searching users, printing result, and issuing personal ID.

  • ・By registering related facility, you can create networks between individuals and supporters and share information such as test results.

  • ・By using the functions of share or comment, supporters including doctors, pharmacists, and exercise instructors can share information and offer health support for the users.

Smartphone Application

  • 2 Days To See Resultsflash_on
  • Multiple Language Supportpublic
  • Simple Chartsinsert_chart

Benefits of using the Lifee app

  • Advantage1

    Users can receive the test results on their smartphones within 2 days.

  • Advantage2

    After downloading the Lifee application to the smartphone, notification of the results of subsequent tests is sent automatically to the user's smartphone, and any trends in test results (an index of health management) can be easily confirmed with a graph.

  • Advantage3

    By linking with external specialized services such as the soon-to-be-released "Pocket Doctor (provided by MRT) doctor consultation service", and the user has access to accurate behavioral information for health improvement based on the test results.

  • Advantage4

    We support English as well as Japanese in order to promote increasing usage for foreigners living in Japan.

Registration system for blood testing

It is available to register the test by app at each blood collection facility.

  • Point1

    At the blood collection facility, you can use both the management terminal and the optional "iPad based test registration system".

  • Point2

    Our system makes possible efficient input of personal information by the user, and efficiency of the entire process through paperless registration, barcode specimen management, etc.

  • Point3

    Supported languages are Japanese, English, and Chinese.


Terms of Service for Lifee Service

These are the Terms of Service (PDF link) related to the service. Please check before using this service.

Terms of Service

Service For Businesses

Download Service

This is a service that enables test result data download en bloc for businesses using the microliter scale testing service.

  • Point1

    We send the test result file securely to the designated site in standard CSV format.

  • Point2

    By using this service, the business operators can use the test data to build original output or mobile services, or sync them.

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