Overview of New Collection Device

High-Accuracy Blood Testing with Only Micro Amount of Blood

Collecting high-quality test samples quickly and easily from the fingertip is now possible to thanks to the micro blood sampling device (patented) developed with MBS state-of-the-art technology. Conventional blood tests require collection of more than 5 ml of blood (the volume of a plastic bottle cap) by syringe from the arm vein. Our blood collection device achieved medical testing level accuracy with only 0.06 ml of blood (one drop of eyewash).

Micro Blood Collection Tip
  • A blood collector that collects between 10 μL and 150 μL of blood from the fingertip.
  • Various additives can be applied at concentrations matching blood volume and use, such as plain blood collection tip, EDTA-2K blood collection tip, heparin lithium blood collection tip, and so on. Micro Blood Collection Tip can be applied to various tests such as biochemical and immunological examinations, special examinations or blood cell count.
Micro Blood Collection Container
  • A collection container encloses a micro blood collection tip.
  • Container color is set by type of additive in the blood collection tip.
    Plain :Red
    EDTA-2K : Purple
    Heparin : Yellow
Micro Blood Centrifugation Container
  • Micro blood centrifugation container is a colorless centrifuge container filled with separating agent (for portable centrifuge).
  • When the micro blood collection tip is inserted into the micro blood collection container without dispensing after blood collection, the separating agent for centrifugation is filled in the collection tip. By centrifugation, it is possible to isolate blood cells and serum/plasma in the blood collecting tip, thus enabling transport and long-term storage.

Features of Micro Blood Collection Device

Easy to Handle

  • At normal time, the micro blood collection tip is stored in the micro blood collection container. When to use, anyone can collect blood from finger tip quickly and easily to assemble the tip and container into a shape that is easy to hold.

  • The micro blood collection tip has a special processing for shape and design, so we can guarantee to aspirate blood components.

Versatility of Responding To Specimen Needs

  • The micro blood collection tip has an appropriate amount of additive applied to the inner wall according to collecting sample amount and testing items. Special coating technology is used to adjust the additive concentration to an appropriate level.

  • As samples for biochemical, immunological, CBC tests, or more, micro amounts of a variety of specimens such as serum, EDTA plasma, heparin plasma, EDTA whole blood etc. can be prepared.

  • After blood collection, simply insert the blood collection tip into the centrifuge container. A separating agent fills up the tip, and it is possible to store serum/ plasma for a long time without dividing the blood collection, separation and storage process.

Handling Commercial Blood Analysis Equipments

  • With a general-purpose portable centrifuge, the appropriate amount of serum/ plasma can be separated immediately. Special adapters for large centrifuges are also available.

  • Compatible with general blood analysis equipment due to a measurement method that ensures that trace amounts of sample are measured with high accuracy.

  • The diameter of the storage container is the same as that of the PCR tube, making it compatible with POCT analysis equipment without dispensation.

  • The blood collected in the micro blood collection tip can be discharged automatically by bringing the tip of the collection chip into contact with the test cartridge. It can be used as a blood sampling device for "I-STAT" and "PICCOLO EXPRESS”. By connecting the tip of the blood collection tip, blood is discharged from the tip by its own weight, making it also compatible with measurements using I-STAT tips or PICCOLO EXPRESS rotors and so on.

How To Use

Blood Collection Protocol

  • Step1

    Wash your hands, dry thoroughly. Place the finger seal on your fingertip where blood is to be collected.

  • Step2

    Place and secure the fingertip on the desk. Press the lancet firmly against your fingertip, and press the button to puncture.

  • Step3

    Gently press your fingertip from three directions to make blood drop as large as possible.

  • Step4

    Apply the tip of the blood collection chip to the blood drop directly horizontally, and aspirate the blood up to the blood drawing line.

  • Step5

    Insert the micro blood collection tip into the collection container and snap it three times in the opposite direction to mix the blood and additives well.

Point of Collecting Blood


Clean and dry your fingers thoroughly before applying the finger seal.

If your fingertip is damp, the finger seal may peel off when blood is squeezed.


Fix your finger when puncturing.

When squeezing out blood, hold the first joint of the blood sampling finger with your thumb and gently push your fingertip from both sides. If all finger veins are pressed down, blood comes out easily. When you release the held finger, blood flow returns to the fingertip, so press the finger vein from three directions again and slowly push it out.


Push the finger from 3 directions

Repeat this operation to make blood drops as large as possible in the hole of the finger seal. Do not repeat sucking the blood until you make sufficient size of blood drop.


Sucking blood right from the side

Bring the tip of the blood collection tip near the blood drop from the side. The blood is thus sucked into the blood collection tip easily and without burden. Normally, pressing 2 to 3 times will fill up the tip to the blood drawing line, preparing a high quality blood sample without putting any stress on the blood.

Acts that can and cannot assist for collecting blood sampling


Actions that the instructor can assist:

・Facilitation of finger blood circulation,
disinfection of fingertips, blood collection,
treatment of cut


Blood collector performs the following alone:

・Puncture of fingertips, squeeze of blood

Reference: Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare About behaviors within the blood collection process that constitute medical practice in the specimen measurement lab


Products : MBS Capillary (Various Blood Collection Tips & Containers)

Less burdens, more easy.
Aspirate necessary blood volume in a few second.

It is possible to aspirate and store blood with a single assembly type container of blood collection tip and container. Since the line is displayed in the blood collecting tip, easy to reliably collect the necessary blood amount. After collecting blood sample, put the blood collecting tip in a centrifuge and proceed its test directory. Furthermore, by using a centrifugation container, blood serum and blood plasma can be separated.

Micro Blood Collection Kit (Certified Medical Device)

All the instruments for micro blood collecting in one package.

"We package all the instruments for micro blood collection including MBS capillary. It is just a compact size and space saving.
This package fully complies with ""Lifee service system"" developed by our company, and everyone can start comprehensive fingertip blood testing service immediately."

It is now possible to purchase a blood testing kit linked to Lifee service by online (only Japanese)

You can easily check your health condition by using the Micro Blood Collection Kit and the Lifee app service linked with your smartphone.

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